Let me briefly explain the way the dinosaurs came to life. By which, is done through storybooks, animated cartoon and motion picture theater.

There are six characters in the first series of Paisley "D" & the Treasure Tree (title of the storybook and cartoon), The Professor, a Paisley Parrot, and four little gray dinosaurs…

Off in the Sonoran Desert, a man by the name of Professor Paisley discovers these four gray miniature dinosaurs in a hidden land. He and the four dinosaurs go on a journey through a place called the "Gray Jungle". There, they find a place that looks like the Grand Canyon and notices throughout this vast amount of gray, there is one tree that stands alone. Through the beautiful array of green colors, there is an old broken-down sign next to the tree. The sign reads "Treasure Tree".

There a parrot sits on a perch, as if it were frozen, but awakens to the sound of Professor Paisley's voice!

The Parrot speaks with a crisp, Irish accent, about how he, Professor Paisley, must find the key to release him from his perch. The bird is a Paisley Parrot and he goes by that name. Paisley Parrot explains to Professor Paisley that once he finds the key, he will bring voices to the dinosaurs and color will fill the land! "Paisleys, Paisleys! Paisleys will make all things grand!" Once the Professor turned the key into the Treasure Tree, color and joy filled their world. Each paisley that fell upon the dinosaur gave them their own colors and identity. Each dinosaur now has their own character.

Each dinosaur stands for an issue or a culture. Such as Paisley Daisy, who stands for our environment. Or Patriotic, who stands for our freedom and justice.

As the first story ends, Paisley Parrot explains to the Professor that he must go to the hidden sea and fly to all other countries and find all the other Paisley "D"s . In the meantime, the Professor was instructed to get Paisley Land ready for his return. It is a never-ending story, which makes for successful cartoon series, storybooks and merchandise.

They create a world filled with opportunity that all children can learn by, Paisley Parrot will bring back four more Paisley Dinosaurs, all coming from different countries. He will eventually bring back four more with an ending total of twelve dinosaurs. The marketable profit of all 14 characters will be astronomical.

I have Book Two, "Paisley Land", already waiting on the sidelines and the wonderful additions to the Paisley Dinosaur family. Paisley Parrot brings back Paisley Papillion from France, Tiffany "D" and Sir Paisley from England and Paisley Edelweiss from Austria.

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